The Basics of Landscape Drainage in Fort Worth

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During certain months, the City of Dallas in Texas is highly susceptible to violent thunderstorms, which could produce hail and tornadoes. While the risk of these weather phenomena is great, instances of tornadoes or hail are not always common. However, the frequency of water coming into the city through rain can cause havoc into homes’ and structures’ drainage systems. Thus, landscape drainage Dallas companies can help ease the problems wrought by rain and underground water.

Drainage issues affect most cities in Texas. Each year, there are backyards that become lakes, which often cause expensive repairs to the patio or pool. Extended water saturation sans the right drainage – unless someone has accidentally left the hose on – can hurt the house’s or structure’s foundation and eventually devalue the house (if the homeowner decides to sell it). Fortunately for many Dallas residents, solutions to drainage problems mean the attempt of building and installing a French drain.

What is a French drain? Its component is gravel or a rock-bottomed hole to divert any surface water away from a foundation. A lot of Dallas homeowners who attempt to use a French drain as a drainage remedy still find out that their yards are less than two inches of water even after the next deluge. Some of the symptoms that make the landscaping’s drainage issues clear are: supersaturated soil, heavy rain, underground springs, sprinklers, and high water tables.

Despite the symptoms of poor drainage, foundation issues are caused by several factors. These include intense and needless pressure on the foundation, gullies in yard as water exits that cause more erosion, and moisture leaking through the cracks that can worsen existing cracks and cause the formation of new fractures.

Aside from French drains, landscape drainage Dallas companies can also provide other drainage solutions. These companies offer many kinds of drainage problem solvers to help in the prevention and reparation of these issues in order to lessen any foundation damage that is drainage-related. These problems potentially flood the homeowner’s yard or devalue his or her home.

Some solutions offered by these landscape drainage Dallas companies could be a re-grading of the homeowner’s property to improve run-off or building more sophisticated grate/area drains and even professionally-made French drains. These companies’ professionally-trained staff can recommend the right action plans for the home after a thorough no-cost inspection of the home.

A landscape that has the right drainage can spell the difference with a soggy and dreary landscape and a perfectly-manicured lawn. However, before a homeowner can tackle any landscaping project that involves correcting the drainage, it is best that the homeowner consults with the proper landscape drainage professionals.

Landscaping is not only aesthetically-valuable. It can also upgrade the home’s value and keep the home safe from the damage of the severe Forth Worth and Texas rains. Some specialties of these companies are retaining walls and French drains. There are some landscaping projects that are flooded because of poor drainage and exposure to the punishing Dallas weather. However, these problems can be solved by competent landscape drainage professionals.

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The Basics of Landscape Drainage in Fort Worth

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The Basics of Landscape Drainage in Fort Worth

This article was published on 2012/11/27